Extension & Outreach

Workshops and Presentations

Understanding rangeland systems is important for making sound decisions affecting this land cover type that covers a large proportion of California and the world, and there is an ongoing need to Inform policy makers, land managers, extension professionals, and others of the latest research on rangelands.  If you have a request for information or education needs related to issues impacting rangelands ranging from economics, ecology, wildlife, or water, please reach out.

Hunting as Diversifying Income Stream

Our research has found that private landowners in the U.S. earn income from hunting on over 220 million acres, which is approximately 11% of the land area of the contiguous United States.  Additional research has shown opportunities in California to earn income from hunting to provide a stable source of income over time, but that several barriers to entry prevent more landowners earning income from hunting. We are developing a program to overcome these barriers to provide additional revenue to landowners, and foster increased participation in the public in understanding the value of rangelands for conservation and recreation.


CalLands and LIvestock & Rangeland Publications

To make prudent land use decisions and to conserve natural resources, UC Cooperative Extension Advisors, local governments, State government, and natural resource and environmental NGOs need to have access to information on current land ownership by land use as well as land use changes over time. We are working with the IGIS group and the Butsic Lab to develop the CalLands web portal.

Additional efforts in enhancing knowledge around rangelands and livestock is a clearing house for UC livestock & rangeland research and extension publications.



Enhancing Rangeland Management Abroad


We are working with the US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS) to use UC expertise to help build the capacity of the rangeland management and water harvesting directorates in Jordan’s Ministry of Agriculture, with a larger goal of enhancing the management of Jordan’s rangelands (the Badia). This provides additional perspective and learning opportunities for UC-based participants as well as working to enhance the management and conservation of a mediterranean grazing system.