Felix Ratcliff

Felix Ratcliff

Postdoctoral Researcher

I am a rangeland ecologist broadly interested in processes influencing plant and animal communities, and how management decisions can affect conservation outcomes on rangelands. My research focuses on riparian vegetation and wildlife dynamics, and the effects of cattle grazing on these systems. I collaborate with land managers, public agencies, and park districts to produce data that’s relevant to conservation and management. I completed my PhD at UC Berkeley with Dr. James Bartolome in the Rangeland Ecology Lab. During graduate school I contributed to management reports for Yosemite and Sequoia Kings Canyon National Parks, Point Reyes National Seashore, East Bay Regional Parks District, Marin County Parks and Tejon Ranch Conservancy. I’m now a postdoctoral scholar in Dr. Luke Macaulay’s lab, where I continue to focus on modeling management effects on vegetation and wildlife on working landscapes.


Recent Publications:

 Ratcliff, F., Bartolome, J., Macaulay, L., Spiegal, S., & White, M. D. 2018. Applying ecological site concepts and state-and-transition models to a grazed riparian rangeland. Ecology and Evolution.  (Download PDF)


Kuhn, T., J. Baccei,, M. McClaran, F. Ratcliff, J. Bartolome, J. Matchett. 2017. Tools to Inform Determination of Meadow Opening Dates at Yosemite National Park. Natural Resource Report NPS/XXXX/NRR—2014/XXX. IN PRESS. US Department of the Interior. National Park Service. Fort Collins, Colorado.


Kuhn, T., W. Wills, H. Huppe, J. Baccei, M. Thompson, M Marschall, F. Ratcliff, P. Hopkinson and J. Bartolome. 2017. Management and Monitoring Tools and Framework for Packstock Use and Meadow Monitoring in Yosemite Wilderness. IN PRESS. US Department of the Interior. National Park Service. Fort Collins, Colorado.


Bartolome, James, Barbara Allen-Diaz, Sheila Barry, Lawrence Ford, Michele Hammond, Peter Hopkinson, Felix Ratcliff, Sheri Spiegal, and Michael White. 2014. Grazing for Biodiversity in Californian Mediterranean Grasslands. Rangelands, 36(5):36-43


Ratcliff, Felix. James Bartolome, Michele Hammond, Sheri Spiegal, Michael White. 2014. Developing Ecological Site and State-and-Transition Models for Grazed Riparian Pastures at Tejon Ranch, California. Proceedings of the 7th California Oak Symposium: Managing Oak Woodlands in a Dynamic World. Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-251